Expungement Guide

Expungement Lawyer

How amazing would it be to have our past mistakes completely erased and never to be thought of again? Many people call this repentance and rely on their respective Gods to deliver forgiveness unto them but for those in the legal system this penitence process does not call for forgiving but for expunging a record.

What does expungement mean?
Expunging a person's criminal record means that the case is sealed and the transgression is forgotten throughout the whole legal world. Once it is expunged, the record is inaccessible through the state and Federal repositories meaning that no one can obtain any document regarding the crime. With the successful completion of this procedure, one can truly return to a normal life and behave as if nothing ever happened.

Expungement Requirements
A person who seeks the expungement of his criminal record would have to adhere to a number of requirements that must be met before application and consideration. The requirements include fulfilling the time sentenced, no intervening incidents, and waiting a certain amount of time between the incident and expungement but like any legal process, these rules vary from state-to-state.

Also, the type of expungement will change due to the classification of the crime, the age of the convict at the time of the crime, and the punishment that was completed. Basically, a person who seeks a clear record that allows them to omit their crime from general applications and has had led a reformed life could look for expungement. Similar to pardons, an expungement may not be granted due to circumstances in the case or the behavior of the convict. But, if one can prove that their records are hindering their opportunities for jobs and that they have become a better person since their conviction, they can begin the process, which lasts about four months.

Find a good attorney
It is highly recommended that one seeks out a lawyer to help them with their case and convince the judge that an expungement of their record would be overall beneficial despite all that occurred. Although it is possible to appeal for an expungement on your own, it is once again better that a lawyer is consulted and hired to represent you.

An expungement lawyer would help a convicted criminal through the process and eventually bring their cases to light highlighting the reasons why their client is worthy of expunction. Also, the paperwork required for expunction is extensive, time-consuming, and must be convincing enough for a judge to grant the clearing of a criminal record.

A lawyer who is well-versed in expunction would help a person through this paperwork because they know what a court is looking to see in these types of requests. They have a good idea of how one case with the proper and more convincing paperwork would fare over another case that appears weaker.

A good lawyer to take an expungement case would be more than willing to be thorough and precise with the available options regarding what a convict could do to further their case and what could happen if they are granted expunction. If one does not qualify for a state-appointed lawyer, one can find a lawyer online through numerous websites or consult the nearest firm. Expungement is a great opportunity for convicts to move on with their lives and to be granted freedom from the legal process.